UberKanone: Ultimate Close Quarters Combat Weapon
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Next Generation Handgun and Weaponry
UberKanone.com is a new venture by Boerner Manufacturing Co. and Goertz, L.L.C..

Project: test market the product and/or sell/license for manufacture/sale the newly patented design for the ultimate handgun.

Definition: a powerful bullpup style handgun with action and barrel below the arm. This radically new design will allow use of tactical attachments (i.e. bayonets for and aft, shields, etc) designed for Close Quarters Assault/Combat or Hand to Hand Combat such as encountered in Home Defense, Search and Clear Assault/Combat, and Law Enforcement Scenarios. Initial designs will likely be a conversion kit for a 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun dubbed UberKanone 12, but other powerful and large caliber weapons may also be supported soon. Much will depend on BATF classifications, rulings and licensing for manufacture.

For more information please copy http://inventionsoup.com/SearchResults.aspx?ID=3326 to your browser.

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